Employability: the importance of being employable
What does it mean to be employable - and what are we doing to help you?
Two things you need to know about employability. First, it’s not the same as employment. The two e-words might sound the same, but that’s as far as it goes. Being ‘employable’ requires skill, attitude, knowledge and dedication. It’s also about who you know, and who knows you.
The accelerated economic growth has increased the demand for skilled manpower that has highlighted the shortage of skilled manpower in the country.
Being ‘employed’ can be a temporary or fleeting experience – something which starts and ends with a job contract. Just because you have a job doesn’t mean that you’re employable.
While young people with degrees remain far more likely to find a job than those without, soaring youth unemployment should serve as a wake-up call to universities and industry. A review into university-business collaboration highlights, the two sectors must work closer together to provide young people with the opportunities that will find them employment.

Employees worldwide state a variety of reasons for their inability to fill jobs, ranging from undesirable geographic locations to candidates looking for more pay than what the employers have been offering.
India is among the top countries in which employers are facing difficulty in filling up the jobs. For India, the difficulty to fill up the jobs is 48%, which is above the global standard of 34% in 2012.
The lack of available applicants, shortage of hard skills and shortage of suitable employability, including soft skills, are some of the key reasons in find.