Operation and Maintenance

Maintenance audit MUST identify the problems in your asset management systems and maintenance processes, and it must identify their causes, so that you know exactly what to change in your maintenance processes, and you know exactly the right maintenance solutions to use to fix your maintenance problems.

You get all the important information you need to lift your maintenance performance. You will see new ways to use your existing resources to improve your maintenance processes. You get a maintenance audit document that not only compares your maintenance system against best practice, but provides you with powerful answers to move your operation towards world class maintenance performance.

Our industrial maintenance management consultants:

  • Analyse Your Current Maintenance Strategy and History to find the Most Valuable Maintenance Improvement Opportunities
  • Undertake Reliability Engineering Analysis and Failure Distribution Modeling to identify what is causing your reliability problems
  • Preventive Maintenance Strategy Development
  • Maintenance Audit and/or Maintenance Management System Audit
  • Maintenance work procedure writing, including setting precision standards and adding work quality assurance controls
  • Doing Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA) of Equipment Failures

Operation and Maintenance

    • Operation and Maintenance support across various industry verticals.
    • Support for Plant Performance improvement projects.
    • Manpower supply for O&M.
    • Preventive Maintenance
  • Predictive Maintenance Strategy development.
  • Supply of spares as per requirement.
  • Performing Reliability Centered maintenance (RCM) Analysis.